At Move The Crowd, We believe that success is born out of a powerful context, one that governs your most deeply held values, your unique combination of talents, gifts and abilities, and the passionate impulse that guides you toward the opportunities and challenges you seek to engage in the world.

In the fall of 2011, artist, activist and social entrepreneur, Rha Goddess put a stake in the ground, by declaring that we indeed could stand in our most authentic selves, get paid to contribute in our highest talents and change the world through the things we most wanted to affect. The inspiration for this company stems from many years of being on the front lines of movements, dedicated to a world where more people could thrive and prosper. This mandate to true.paid.good. rises from Rha’s own journey as a struggling artist/activist who was short on dollars but huge on change. Until she recognized, that if she had more, she could do more, and even more importantly, she could BE more

We are a company, movement, and community of practice building a movement of 3M Conscious Entrepreneurs who seek to transform the culture of capitalism and foster a new economy of true.paid.good.

It is an honor and a privilege to do this work, to be modern day dream catchers for the visions and aspirations of so many awesome human beings. If you have a passion for making a difference in the world and are unwilling to compromise your values or your earning potential, then you’ve come to the right place.

Created by: Robert W. Gay